Okay, this fun little tech tip has absolutely  nothing to do with education at all.  But it’s summertime, and it’s a time when we educators can just play with some of the fun stuff!  This is one of those apps.

Try the free iOS app called InkHunter, and you can try out a bunch of AR (augmented reality) tattoos just to see how they look on you!  Technically, you do still have to get slightly “inked” by drawing what they call a “square smile” on your skin.

“No pain, no pain,” I always say!   This is my kind of tattoo!  All you have to do after that is point the app’s camera at the “square smile” and let the augmented reality do its magic!

(It is just SO STRANGE that my business card happened to be laying on my forearm while I was playing with InkHunter app!)

I chose the butterfly tattoo from a large gallery of tattoos they have available.  Once I snapped the photo, I had the option to enlarge or shrink the tattoo image on my iPhone screen.  You can also upload your own tattoo designs, or even design your own text-based tattoo right within the app – like this:

I’m pretty much perpetually in awe of all the AR stuff, and I’m also a huge wimp who is never ever going to get an actual tattoo.  This is just the tech-geek kind of thing that makes me feel like a tough chick for a few minutes.

I went overboard with the skull, didn’t I?  Okay, I’ll stop now.  But if you end up playing with the InkHunter app, please share your pictures with me!  You can post them to me on Twitter @kerszi , or I have a Facebook page called Innovation Integration where all my blog posts go, and you can post your tats there, too!