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Project-Based Learning with a Cherry On Top…it’s Tract!


I recently learned about a new website called Tract, and I am excited….I’m really, REALLY excited!  Curious about the name, I looked up the word Tract and found this definition:

Tract:  an area of indefinite extent, typically a large one. 

Oooh, that sounds like a fun place where I’d want to play and […]

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Learning In The Loo – Where It All Began

I stated this fun little edtech toilet training trend called “Learning in the Loo” many years ago. Back in 2004-2008, I taught 5th grade Social Studies. I started creating these Learning in the Loo posters for my students as a kind of study guide before our big benchmark tests. As you can imagine, […]

“Iconic” Updates & Announcements from Flipgrid Live 2021

FlipgridLive 2021 was aired live on June 28, 2021 and thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world tuned in to watch.  They wanted to see their favorite Flipgrid team members, hear all about new features and updates, and connect with other Flipgrid fans & friends.  The 30-minute livestreamed event had some announcements that […]
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Kumospace: My Virtual PD Lounge

As a Technology Integration Specialist, I’m always looking for new fun ways to spice up professional development (PD). I’ve been using Kumospace for a few months now, and I am REALLY enjoying it! Even more importantly, I’ve seen a positive uptick in the amount of people who attend even my optional PD sessions!

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My Own Kind of Madness for Flipgrid

I felt the madness a little early this year…and BOY, did I go all out!  For the past few months, I’ve been taking more time for me, and it’s seriously reignited my creative spirit.  I’m so happy when I’m more of a creator than a consumer, and it truly brings me joy to think of […]

#OneWord2021: Reclamation

My #OneWord 2021 is Reclamation.  That’s right – I have every intention of being intentional about reclaiming.  Like every other year, the word takes on multiple meanings as it applies to different aspects of my life….and so I blog to kind of put it all out there for myself, and anyone else who might wonder […]

The Great Global Remote Learning #Fliphunt

You’re all invited! 🥳

As the creator of #Fliphunt, when the Coronavirus threw the world into lockdown last spring and schools started scrambling to figure out how to teach students remotely, I knew that it was time to create a unique, never-before-done, […]

Four Awesome Things I Bought This Week – for Under $20

Like most of you, I’m pinching pennies these days.  But I’m still an educator, and I still get excited about things I find that might help me teach and make my teaching/learning spaces more exciting.  In the past week, I bought four things “on the cheap” that I wanted to share with you because I […]

Create Your Own hiPad

If the Bitmoji Classroom craze has taught us anything, it’s that you can do all sorts of creative things by adding hyperlinks to objects.  I’ve seen teachers create really fun “all about me” assignments with room creations, locker decorating, door decorating, and even hydroflask decorating challenges for their students.  If you’ve tried any of these, […]