Teachers, this is a tool you will DEFINITELY want to use!  Have you ever begun to show a wonderful, preplanned, previewed educational video to your students on YouTube, only to have some embarrassingly inappropriate content show up in the sidebar?  (I’ve got to admit, it has happened to me!)  You’re so excited for the students to learn about how sedimentary rocks are formed, but you totally lose the class when there’s a semi-nudie pic in the thumbnails over there on the right.  So much for rocks.  Hopefully, you weren’t being observed that day!

ViewPure is a website tool that allows you to enter the web address (URL) for any YouTube video, and it removes all of the sidebar distraction!  Yup ~ it shows a pure view!  Just your video with a white screen as the background.  And oh, is it easy to use!  There are two things that are especially nice about this site:  you can search for videos right on ViewPure (so you don’t have to go to YouTube first; then copy/paste); AND it allows you to install a little bookmarklet on the bookmarks bar.

Just watch the quick little screencast by clicking the link below to see exactly how this all works: