I learned about Lingro last week at the NJEA Conference.  It’s quite a powerful tool, and I know that educators will want to not only know about this, but share it with their students SOON!  This is something that teachers in EVERY discipline can use, from elementary school through…well, through grown-up schools and beyond.

Basically, you open the Lingro site.  You paste the URL of any other site you were trying to read (or a student was) into the URL bar on Lingro.  It reopens the page, almost with an invisible film of Lingro on top.  You see, once it reopens in Lingro, ANY WORD on the page is “clickable”…and by “clickable”, I mean that the definition pops up immediately.  Seriously – any word on the page!

This is way cooler if I can show it to you instead of just typing about it, so I made a short screencast to demo it quickly with three different texts.  Watch and be amazed….oh, and watch it to the very end for an exciting BONUS feature!