Hi old friends!  It was time for a change.   My Primary Techspiration has evolved and earned a new name – Integration Innovation.

There are two main reasons for this name change.  First, I’m kind of branding myself.  As I’ve learned and grown and started branching out, I’ve zeroed in on a couple of areas on which to specialize.  My number one – technology integration – is definitely my biggest focus, love, passion, and specialty…and so I needed to readjust this blog title to reflect that expertise.

The second reason I’ve changed the name is due to feedback from many of you.  Over the years, I’ve been contacted by so many people who have asked about the “primary” part of “My Primary Techspiration”.  As an elementary person, I had initially tried to focus on tech things that catered to the needs of primary school teachers.  But, as so many of you pointed out, I was missing an audience and an opportunity, because most of the things I post about are great for every level and every age.  (Yes, I heard you high school teachers who told me that your kids love GoNoodle, too!)  So the type of content and the theme of this blog isn’t changing one bit.  You can still find all of your favorite “tips, tools, and tidbits” here at Integration Innovation!

And so thanks to my own need to specialize and to brand myself, plus your feedback about ‘casting a wider net’ to appeal to educators at all levels, I hereby rename this blog: Integration Innovation.  And I hereby present my cool logo:

(By the way, my Facebook page name has also become Integration Innovation…how’s that for branding?!?!)  All of my posts from this site are automatically posted to that Facebook page and to my own Twitter page – @kerszi    I hope you’ll follow along!