So many amazing and inspiring things are happening in education right now!  We are fortunate to be teaching in a time of such miraculous possibilities and opportunities!  It can be a tremendously exciting time.  I say “can be” because there seem to be two radically opposed mindsets and very little growing in the middle.  In the garden of education, there are flowers, and there are weeds.

Flowers make happiness.  It’s what they do.  They want to be open and to blossom and to thrive.  Flowers know that there are things happening around them that aren’t always happy things.  Flowers do occasionally feel frustrated and see all those wrongs that need righting.  But there’s the difference.  Flowers add that phrase ‘that need righting’ and seek to make things better!  Flowers are optimistic, positive, silver-lining, problem solving beings!  Flowers look to grow, to bloom, to rise above the weeds and bring inspiration!  Flowers strive to reach for the sky and be models of the beautiful things that can be.  Flowers are role models.  Flowers seek opportunity.  Flowers take advantage of all of the nutrients around them, and are grateful for not just the sun, but the rain, as well!

There will always be a few weeds.  Weeds live and work among the flowers.  Weeds are slackers, pessimists, bare-minimum ground-lurkers.  They stay where they are and don’t have any intention of becoming something more.  Weeds point out all that is wrong, take shortcuts, and perpetually explain why things can’t be done.  Weeds are creepy creepers, and sadly, the worst weeds of all seek to block the sunlight from the flowers, or to suck up all the nutrients so there is little left.

Weeds have the reputation of being weeds.

Luckily, we know that the very presence of the weeds makes the flowers look all the more beautiful!  Thankfully, there are always FAR more flowers in education!  Flowers, you keep blooming and doing your spread-the-happiness thing!

Administrators, we hope that you’ll continue tending to the garden and helping your flowers grow.  Have frequent garden parties to celebrate your flowers!  Give your flowers more water, more sunlight, more nutrients – they crave it!  Take preventative measures to keep weeds from spreading.  Plant only new flowers that are weed-resistant and have a true growth mindset…the existing flowers will show them the way!  Tell the world about all of the beautiful and magical things happening in your garden!   Occasionally, we hope you do a little weeding, too.

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