I had an incredible designer build my website (Kerszi.com), and he was kind enough to offer to design logo images for me.  One day he sent me nine of them, based on ideas I had shared about my likes, goals, and purpose.  I couldn’t decide, so I posted them on Facebook and asked my friends & family to let me know which one(s) they liked best.  The votes were all over the place, and a few people even said that none of them really “looked like me”.  I didn’t want to keep bugging the designer with requests for more choices when I wasn’t really sure what I even wanted myself.  So the next morning I woke up inspired.  I searched “logo maker” and happened to click on Wix.  That’s where I created my very own logo that you see at the top of this post – and I’m absolutely in love with it!  I wanted to take some time here on my blog post to share the thinking that went into a logo with meaning.

Please indulge me while I explain all the symbolism.  I knew I wanted Kerszi as my logo – my Twitter handle is @Kerszi, and I also use Kerszi in lots of other places, so it’s just my thing.  Many folks have even taken to calling me “Kerszi from Jersey”.  Pink and orange just NEEDED to be my colors because I’m all about fun & enthusiastic energy, and that’s what pink & orange are!  The wave design is a nod to our book – Sail the 7 Cs with Microsoft Education has this GORGEOUS cover that has layered waves at the bottom.  Plus, my family is all about the ocean – we do fishing, crabbing, boating, and kayaking  – so I feel like I included them a little bit.  The three dots are my absolute FAVORITE part of the logo.  They’re the ellipsis (…) that we so often see on websites.  When I teach teachers, I often point them out.  If you’ve ever been in a workshop or webinar with me, you know that I ALWAYS tell people that they just HAVE to click on the dot-dot-dot, because there’s always extra awesomeness hiding in those 3 dots!  Three dots means “there’s more here!”  I’m hoping that I always have more awesomeness hiding somewhere to be discovered.  Lastly, I really wanted something circular because I am always evolving, and I feel like a circle depicts that symbolically.

Speaking of evolution, prior to Kerszi…, the closest thing I had to a logo or brand was Integration Innovation.  Purposeful and relevant technology integration is my jam, so I created this logo years ago by simply layering graphics in Microsoft Word and saving it as a PNG.  That little homemade logo served me well for years.

Integration innovation logo

Integration Innovation will always be part of me.  It is the name of my LLC, the name of my Facebook page, and it was the name of my original blog.  With the Kerszi logo and website, I’ve just done a bit of rebranding, and I’ve evolved.  If you check out my website Kerszi.com, you’ll see that it’s all just become part of Kerszi…