After years and years of being a hard-core and devout Microsoftie, my district is transitioning to Google.  If you know anything about me, I am the kind of person that has to get 200% in front of whatever we’re using, become an expert, learn ALL the things, evangelize everything I think is fabulous, and share like crazy!  Of course I’ve used bits and pieces of Google for years, but now that it’s my job to teach it to others, I have been on an impassioned solo learning expedition and I’m absolutely LOVING so many of the little nuggets I’ve been able to dig up!

I figure if it’s a Googly thing that’s either new-to-me or makes me holler “Eureka”, then it’s worth sharing.  So today I started a little video series called Eureka…Google Gold!  They’ll be short little video tidbits – I call ’em nuggets.

I even started a Eureka: Google Gold YouTube playlist and added my very first entry there today: Creating Outlines Using Headings in Docs!  Since I’m using Canva to create the intro (and I LOOOVVVEE Canva), I also used it to do a quick resize and made some vertical content too, which I just shared to TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Reels.  Now, please know, I’ve been a social media video CONSUMER for much longer than I’ve been a video CREATOR, so I’m still prospectin’ my way through all those vertical territories.  They’ll get better as I continue to experiment, learn to get more concise, get over my fear of showing my own face in videos, and gather constructive feedback from any viewers who are kind enough to share a thought or two.

I’d be mighty honored if you’d click the image below to watch my first video and let me know what you think?  Is this new-to-you and just as exciting as it was for me?  If not, how have you used Headings in beneficial ways?  Any video tips for me?  (Please be kind…I’m trying & excited to improve!)

Click the image to go to the video