One of the tools I use most often in my classroom is an online countdown timer.  I simply set a desired time, use my projector or SmartBoard to make it life-size, and click start!  My favorite use is for those timed writing prompts. It really helps students to plan their writing when they can see how much time they have left.  Of course, it’s also great for Math Minutes, cooperative group meetings, think-pair-share sessions, clean-up time management, or even just a countdown to recess!  I’m sure you can think of a ton of ways to use a big ol’ visual countdown timer in your classroom.

I’m sharing 4 examples here today.  Each has similar features but a few subtle differences, so it’s just a matter of choosing the one that you like best.  They’re all pretty self-explanatory…just enter a time and click start!  

1)  Online Stopwatch:  This one is my favorite because it’s so big & clear, and I’ve just been using this one forever.  It has a bell sound at the end, so test your volume before you use it.  The link I’m providing is the ‘full screen’ version so that it’s really large.

2)  Online Countdown Timer from Timerrr:  Simple!  Looks like Mama’s old kitchen timer.  Just set the dial & click start!

3)  Teachit Timer:  It has both a clock and a timer feature.  I’m not crazy about the display of both ‘time elapsed’ and ‘time remaining’.  I think some children might find it confusing.  What I do like is that it has 8 different ‘ending bell’ sound choices.Teachit Timer

4)  ClassTools Countdown Timer:  Pretty cool!  I’m going to try this one a lot more this year.  It lets you set several simultaneous timers, which might be good for differentiated group work.  My favorite thing is that it lets you add music…REAL music!  It has Mission Impossible as a choice, but it also lets you search any video/song on YouTube and the timer automatically sets itself for that amount of time!  (I just tried this with Pharrell’s “Happy”)  The kids would probably love seeing a giant timer display while hearing a great song and knowing that they have to finish a task by the time the song is finished!  Bonus: you can actually save timers that you have created.  (For instance, you could have the Bill Nye theme song timer for Science class,  a Schoolhouse Rock tune for a Social Studies timer, etc.)  Check it out:

I hope you find TIME to check these out and find one that you can use!  Let us know in the comments (or on the Facebook thread) what creative ways you have found to use online countdown timers!