I recently gave a technology leadership presentation on “Coaching the Coaches” (see image below).

Most of those in attendance were already Technology Integration Specialists (or tech coaches…we go by SO many different names) who aspire to achieve the next level by becoming recognized as their district’s leader, coordinator, department head, supervisor….or whatever the local title for that type of recognition might be. I use the word “recognition”, because we collectively decided that in many places it’s not yet a formalized position. It’s just a leadership space that seems to materialize almost everywhere.

I was excited to share my own journey. In sharing tips, tales, technologies, to-do’s, and tribulations – I also welcomed a participatory dialogue from the attendees. In keeping the session less “lecture-style”, I really got learn a lot, too! Indeed, I learned just as much through discussion, feedback, and subsequent digital communication with an ever-growing group of people who want to establish themselves as their school or district’s digital leaders.

One of the greatest suggestions I received that day was that I should consider hosting a Twitter Chat. I’ve already “branded” myself with my Integration Innovation logo (Twitter Header, blog, FB page), and I post fun general EdTech things in all of those places. This Twitter chat would supplement that and provide a new venue for a new & very specific type of crowd. I do have a LOT of tips for tech coaches, but I also have some innovative leadership ideas, and so I jumped in and combined those into a Twitter chat called #iiCHAT.

#iiCHAT made its debut during EdChange Global on July 28, 2017 – and so the inaugural #iiCHAT did indeed attract an enthusiastic bunch of Tech Integration leaders from around the world! It was inspiring to meet, share, & learn from such an ambitious group of people.

I’m going to keep #iiCHAT going for almost entirely selfish reasons – I loved learning with truly kindred spirits! It’s fun to share ideas & hear stories from those who are (or who are trying to become) the “head coach”, as one clever friend puts it!

#iiCHAT resumes Wednesday, November 15

as a weekly chat!

UPDATE:  NEW TIME/DAY FOR iiCHAT:  It’s just 1/2 hour chat with 3.5 questions each week – so we’ll all meet up on Wednesday nights at  9:00 pm Eastern Time.    


PS – We also have our own #iiCHAT Voxer group – let @kerszi know if you want to be added.  The offline conversations are great & let us share so much more in a really comfortable, open, safe private group. 🤗

Here is a link to a Remind group if you’d like to receive a “day-of” text message so you don’t forget: https://www.remind.com/join/iich

😊 Oh, and I just have to share this very VERY kind blog post about that first #iiCHAT by @MsClassNSession : EdChange Global Shoutouts