You’re all invited! 🥳

As the creator of #Fliphunt, when the Coronavirus threw the world into lockdown last spring and schools started scrambling to figure out how to teach students remotely, I knew that it was time to create a unique, never-before-done, one-of-a-kind #Fliphunt that the whole WORLD could use to stay connected and have fun – together!

I had lots of ideas, but I needed a name.  I sure as heck wasn’t about to name it after the virus, of course.  It needed to be something really Great!  I wanted to attract educators from all over the world so that they, their families, and even their students could participate, so I started with the world Global….that was important to me.  The best part of this whole idea was that the entire world could unite in fun learning challenges….seeing and hearing people from other countries, in other languages, with different accents – that had to be part of the magic!  I had already introduced the hashtag #RemoteLearning as a way to unify resources for educators on Twitter in a searchable way, so that’s exactly how the rest of this #Fliphunt was named:  The Great Global Remote Learning #Fliphunt.  It is in fact the biggest #Fliphunt ever launched on a global scale!

I knew that this #Fliphunt had to be about learning, but it sure as heck had to be about fun, too!  I decided to name the topics after school subject areas., so there was a bit of a curricular focus.  I was also very intentional about designing each challenge true to #Fliphunt guidelines…there had to be movement, silliness, and fun!  So in the end, I came up with 11 subject-based topics and of course I had to throw in everyone’s favorite school subject – Lunchtime!

Every challenge was thoughtfully designed to be accessible – they don’t require a lot of supplies.  There is no expense involved.  They can be done indoors or outside.  Some challenges are easier than others.  Some challenges take more time than others.  They can all be done on any device.  They appeal to young and….umm…grown-ups.  Challenges are always optional – participants can do one or try to complete all 12!  (We had a few people achieve that goal during the summer when I held a #DidADozen contest!)  I’ll admit that when I first conceptualized this, I really wanted my grown-up friends to play along – and several did!  My hope is for whole families to join in and make some fun and fabulous memories while seeing how others around the world attempt those same challenges.  This Great Global Remote Learning Fliphunt has become eternal –  it’s something you can do on any weekend, a rainy night when you’re stuck inside, for a club or scouting activity, or during a holiday break!   Whenever I post this to social media or share it in a webinar or podcast, I always say, “YOU’RE ALL INVITED”…and I really mean that! 🤗

If you want to replicate this challenge by creating a private, more locked-down Flipgrid experience for your own community of students, I think it’s a marvelous idea.  I create things like this because I wholeheartedly believe in sharing and in being a “spark” for ideas for other people to use.  Many, many people have asked me permission to borrow this idea for their classes and schools…even down to copying every single challenge.  I always say yes, and I always applaud those who ask – it’s just good digital citizenship and it’s the kind of online behavior I always practice myself.  One teacher in Egypt replicated this entire #Fliphunt as is, but renamed it after her school…and they had a great time building community with these challenges.!  I couldn’t be prouder.  My only request is that whoever borrows this uses it in that way and doesn’t “market” the same exact idea as their own publicly.  (I know that sounds SO silly to even say, but I’ve seen it happen and it’s just not nice.)  If you DO end up using this Great Global Learning #Fliphunt with your class, school, family, club, or community – or even making your own version, I would absolutely love to hear how it’s going for you!  (…and use hashtag #Fliphunt if you post to social media so we can ALL see!😊)

Oh, and for those of you who are brand new to this, I wanted to include this teensy little explanation about how to navigate from the main landing screen.  You can see on the image below that the first page you’ll encounter is just “the directions”, and that you’ll need to click on “View 13 Topics” to get into the challenges.  (They’re all shown below…keep scrolling down!)  Come on in and have some fun with the rest of the world on The Great Global Remote Learning #Fliphunt!


If you’d like a little sneak peek into the challenges, I’ve included screenshots of every one below!  See…there really is something for everybody!