So you want to start an edu-team?  Maybe you’ll form a PLC that’s really going to have an impact, make a difference, affect change. Maybe you’re looking to get the right people on board or choose a power group of like-minded educators.  Your ambition is noble, your mindset ideal – just make sure you take a close look around and choose that team wisely.

One of the best tools you have in your toolbox is a simple glance at the past year or so.

Who showed up?

Who was noticeably absent?

If I were a runner (which I totally am not!), I would want to train for a marathon with folks who share a similar ambition.  Who is really into it?  Who shows dedication, commitment, passion, drive?

Who showed up?

I’d be looking for people who came to the open track days or the local 5k runs that I invited them to, or the monthly runner meetups on the town bike path.

I’d look for people who didn’t make excuses.  I’d look for people that bring new ideas.  I’d look for people better than me who inspire me, or people who just love it as much as I do.

And I know that anyone who is a really a runner would never pick me for a teammate, because I’m noticeably absent from that whole scene!

The same is true for educators with a true growth mindset.  I’m not into running, but I am into Ed Tech!  I want to surround myself with the right people for me.  I want to find my Ed Tech tribe.  So, I look to the past year or so and I think about those who ‘showed up’.  In some ways I’m thinking figuratively, but it’s also a literal thing.  Who attended workshops, conferences, webinars?  Who explored, collaborated, and openly shared?  In the past year, who suggested a new idea or wanted to team up to create or innovate?  Who has a comparable growth mindset?

Everyone has different priorities, and there are different levels of enthusiasm about those priorities.  We all have our thing, and it’s all good.  There are lots of things that aren’t my thing, and that’s just fine.

I’m just suggesting that when it comes to aligning yourself with people who truly share your vision and your passion, look to the past and see who showed up.