Interactive Digital Storytelling.  Really cool stuff.  I’d kind of like to get together with a bunch of friends one Friday night and just play this and laugh and laugh…..   I’m a little bit geeky that way, but it really IS a fun site, and I’m recommending it for grades 4 and higher.

This site is called We Tell Stories and it’s a decision-making fairy tale in progress!  Like all good fairy tales, it starts with Once upon a time and presents the case of a poor peasant and his daughter.  You, the participant, get to name the daughter.  Then you get to name the king.  Then you get to choose all kinds of things like where things happen, the mood, the result of an action, character traits, and so forth ~ as the fairy tale evolves and is written before your eyes!

I love We Tell Stories for so many reasons:

  • It’s interactive and involves decision making
  • it requires NO training or explanation
  • it is language-rich
  • it allows for SO many mini-lessons based on Common Core Reading, Writing, Speaking/Listening, and Language!
  • it requires multiple re-readings
  • it can be rewritten with different choices over & over again
  • it promotes opportunity to practice visualization (drawing)
  • it can be used whole-group, small-group, partner, or individually
  • it would be really fun performed as a Readers’ Theater!
  • it allows the user to write/create his/her own epilogue!  How cool is that!
  • upon completion, it can be emailed (to up to 3 recipients)

*  Click on the blue hyperlinks to go the the site.  Here it is again:  We Tell Stories

* Feeling adventurous?  At the bottom of the screen, click on HOME and try the other 5 interactives.  I particularly like “The 21 Steps” because it incorporates Google Maps!  Who else is thinking this would be SOOOOO good to practice for PARCC testing?