My friends at Flipgrid keep bringing the magic!  At Flipgrid Live 2020, they once again surprised us with a flurry of fabulous features that will be released to the public on August 5th!  Last night I was given pre-access to the new Flipgrid camera so that I could beta-test some of the features and provide feedback.

There’s a whole lot of awesome coming our way, but I couldn’t WAIT to jump in and just play with this one feature – the fun frames!  As you can see, they currently have 11 available frames for us, and I won’t be surprised if they keep on adding.  Team Flipgrid is amazing at listening to the voices of their community, so I’m guessing that some of your ideas might just make their way into this fun frame collection.

To access the frames in the new camera interface, just click on the Effects icon to the of the record button and then click on frames.



Fun with Frames!

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