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Powerful Literacy Web Tool That Brings Close Reading Even Closer – it’s

I haven’t ever come across a web-based tool that’s anything quite like  This is new territory in the world of EdTech, and I like it.  As you can tell from the title, is a brilliant tool for close literary analysis, and the content you analyze […]

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Five Fun Fairly Free Things For Teachers To Do In the Summer

My fellow teachers, you have a few months “off”.  Yes, I know that you still work.  We do…we just do…because we’re teachers and we’re addicted to our craft.  But this is also an important time for you.  It can’t be all work – or even thinking about work.  You’ve got to find time for you […]

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ClassroomScreen – EVERY Teacher’s Whiteboard Friend

I just know you’re going to love this – whether you teach Kindergarten or college, Spelling or Trigonometry…this site is really something that all educators can use daily!  It’s called ClassroomScreen, and it is precisely that.  It is a background screen that you can project and just sort of leave up […]

Bring on the Bitmoji!

Even if you haven’t started using them, I know you’ve seen them.  And if you HAVE started using them, you’re a little addicted, right?  Or is it just me?

Bitmojis are taking over the world…or at least it seems that way…and I’m glad because they make me really happy!  So what’s a Bitmoji?  It’s an avatar […]

Google’s Reverse Image Search

I learned about this in the strangest way.  Last summer, I was traveling through New England with my family.  It was nighttime, and we were driving over a bridge that was lit up and interesting – and I thought was pretty.  I snapped an iPhone photo from the passenger seat, and quickly posted it to […]

Schedule Meetings with Consideration for your Team…with Doodle!

There’s a really cool, simple, and free little web tool called Doodle that you’re just going to love.  It’s like a scheduling agent – but it’s a very thoughtful one!  Doodle lets you poll the people you want to meet with and gives them the gift of choosing the dates & […]

Make Secret Messages with Snotes, and I’ll GPS you through it with Iorad!

Be sure to read this whole post, because there are TWO great #edtech tools and interactive experiences featured!

Explosion & Eruption 💥

This school year has been extraordinary. Exceptional. Powerfully transformative. I was part of an explosion.  An eruption.  A disruption – and it’s been an absolute thrill to watch it happen!

This was the year technology integration happened in my district.  It REALLY happened!  It was like somebody finally lit a fuse and one thing led to […]

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Innovate, Emulate, Duplicate…A Digital Citizenship Discussion

I’ve taught digital citizenship lessons to students for years.  We talk about copyright, Creative Commons, citing the works of others, and giving credit where credit is due.  I’m pretty confident that my former students are cognizant of these concepts as digital citizens.

It’s important to have these conversations (I won’t call them lessons) with educators, too. […]