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Give Them Wings…But It’s So Hard!

If you’re a parent, you KNOW how hard this is.  Let them fail?  Really?  I should let my babies FAIL?

If you’re a teacher, you’ve given this advice to the parents of students that you teach – because you know that sometimes the best lessons are learned when they are able to find their way out […]

Flipgrid Sneak Peek: Fun with Frames!

Flipgrid Sneak Peek: Fun With Frames

My friends at Flipgrid keep bringing the magic!  At Flipgrid Live 2020, they once again surprised us with a flurry of fabulous features that will be released to the public on August 5th!  Last night I was given pre-access to the new Flipgrid camera so that I […]

Whereby…A New Name has Appeared!

I have been a longtime fan of a website/app called  I’ve probably taught thousands of people about it over the years.  Well, as of August , they’re changing their name.  The new name is Whereby, a play-on-words decision that emphasizes the company’s vision to allow people to choose WHERE they want […]

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OneNote As A #OneWord Journal

Like so many people across the country, especially educators, I made the decision a few years ago to forego making a New Year’s resolution and instead choose a #OneWord.

If you haven’t heard of #OneWord before, it’s not a specific goal like a resolution might be, but rather it is a mindset to guide a person […]

As Educational Mentors, We Aspire To Inspire

“It is indeed akin to the intense pride a parent feels when his child goes off to build a home for himself, or that a mama bird feels when her babies are ready to test their wings beyond the comfort of the nest.”

What Are The Non-negotiable Traits For A “Teacher of the Year”?

I’m sitting here ready to write my annual recommendation for someone who I really feel exemplifies a “Teacher of the Year”. I don’t take this lightly at all. I probably put more thought into this than most people, but if it is to be an authentic honor that maintains a reputation of respectability, then it […]

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Celebrate & Elevate The Experts Within

🔵 Universal truth in education #1: There is never enough time for professional development.

I connect with educators and leaders all over the world and this is one of the most widely-known conundrums we face in every country, district, and school.

🔵 Universal truth in education #2: Educators want to be able to choose PD that […]

Microsoft Learning Tools: Where Independence Is Free For ALL Of Us

  • Remember last year, or the year before, when students who couldn’t read called the teacher over to come read it to them…whether it was a text, an assessment, or even the directions?
  • Remember not long ago when students submitted rough drafts a dozen times, returned by the teacher for corrections again and again because […]

Type Accented Letters on iPads

📱Micro-tip: If you have an iPad or iPhone, did you know that if you “long hold” on some of the keyboard letter keys, you get variations of that letter with accents? If I long hold “n”, I can type señor. If I long-hold the “u” key, I get über-excited! […]

What’s A #Fliphunt?

This #Fliphunt movement has absolutely been an evolution of ideas.  It started with:

EdTech? On a Field Trip?… which led to …

I Had a Flipiphany!… which led to….

So what’s a #Fliphunt?  It’s a video-based scavenger hunt that is completely organized and run in the AMAZING Flipgrid environment.  […]