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A #Fliphunt Is/Is Not…

As most of you know, I’m the creator of something called a #Fliphunt.  The story of how #Fliphunt came to be has been told in this previous blog post.  It originated in spring of 2017 and the first real #Fliphunt debuted appropriately in Minnesota that summer.  Educators from around the country converged on Minneapolis, […]

Designing A Logo With Meaning

I had an incredible designer build my website (, and he was kind enough to offer to design logo images for me.  One day he sent me nine of them, based on ideas I had shared about my likes, goals, and purpose.  I couldn’t decide, so I posted them on Facebook and asked my […]

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In the past two weeks, educators all over the world have been notified about their acceptance as Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts (MIEExperts).  In the world of Microsoft Education, this is a high honor.  To even be considered, educators must already have earned status as a Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) by completing courses in the Microsoft […]

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Give Them Wings…But It’s So Hard!

If you’re a parent, you KNOW how hard this is.  Let them fail?  Really?  I should let my babies FAIL?

If you’re a teacher, you’ve given this advice to the parents of students that you teach – because you know that sometimes the best lessons are learned when they are able to find their way out […]

Flipgrid Sneak Peek: Fun with Frames!

My friends at Flipgrid keep bringing the magic!  At Flipgrid Live 2020, they once again surprised us with a flurry of fabulous features that will be released to the public on August 5th!  Last night I was given pre-access to the new Flipgrid camera so that I could beta-test some of the features and […]

Whereby…A New Name has Appeared!

I have been a longtime fan of a website/app called  I’ve probably taught thousands of people about it over the years.  Well, as of August , they’re changing their name.  The new name is Whereby, a play-on-words decision that emphasizes the company’s vision to allow people to choose WHERE they want […]

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OneNote As A #OneWord Journal

Like so many people across the country, especially educators, I made the decision a few years ago to forego making a New Year’s resolution and instead choose a #OneWord.

If you haven’t heard of #OneWord before, it’s not a specific goal like a resolution might be, but rather it is a mindset to guide a person […]

As Educational Mentors, We Aspire To Inspire

“It is indeed akin to the intense pride a parent feels when his child goes off to build a home for himself, or that a mama bird feels when her babies are ready to test their wings beyond the comfort of the nest.”

What Are The Non-negotiable Traits For A “Teacher of the Year”?

I’m sitting here ready to write my annual recommendation for someone who I really feel exemplifies a “Teacher of the Year”. I don’t take this lightly at all. I probably put more thought into this than most people, but if it is to be an authentic honor that maintains a reputation of respectability, then it […]

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Celebrate & Elevate The Experts Within

🔵 Universal truth in education #1: There is never enough time for professional development.

I connect with educators and leaders all over the world and this is one of the most widely-known conundrums we face in every country, district, and school.

🔵 Universal truth in education #2: Educators want to be able to choose PD that […]

Microsoft Learning Tools: Where Independence Is Free For ALL Of Us

  • Remember last year, or the year before, when students who couldn’t read called the teacher over to come read it to them…whether it was a text, an assessment, or even the directions?
  • Remember not long ago when students submitted rough drafts a dozen times, returned by the teacher for corrections again and again because […]